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Rainbow Springs State Park Dining Area Photo


We Have Delicious Food Options Available!


Looking for dining options at Rainbow Springs State Park in Marion County, Florida? We take pride in serving delicious food right in the park. From Texas-style pretzels spritzed with kosher salt to tortilla chips smothered in gooey cheese (the perfect treat to enjoy while walking), our Rainbow Snacks make for a perfect appetizer or shared plate. We also offer heartier options like our 10” 8-Slice Pizza with classic options like Pepperoni and Meatlovers. For a lighter option, try our Battered White Fish Sandwich. Don’t forget to pair your meal with a drink, such as soda or lemonade. If you have any food allergies or require gluten-free options, just let our team members know, and we will take special care to ensure your meal is safe for you to enjoy.




What hours are you open? 

11 am – 4 pm | Fri, Sat, Sun

After Memorial Day: 11 am – 5 pm | Fri, Sat, Sun

Where in the park are there dining options? 

Concessions are located next to the visitor center, not far from the kayak/canoe rentals. Please ask a team member if you cannot locate us!

How much seating is available? 

All seating is outside (much of it covered), with 52 seats in total.

Is it to-go only?


Is it wheelchair accessible?